Mai Urey’s Lawyer Held in Contempt

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first_imgThe Traffic Court at the Temple of Justice on Monday initiated contempt proceedings against Cllr. David B. Gibson, after he failed on numerous occasions to produce Mrs. Mai Urey’s driver, Joseph Kundufurmah, who damaged a businessman’s vehicle valued at US$18,000.Cllr. Gibson may be arrested on Thursday, June 14, if he does not produce Kundufurmah, the court said during a hearing.At Monday’s hearing, which Cllr. Gibson and Kundufurmah did not attend, Judge Jomah Jallah said, “If Cllr. Gibson cannot produce defendant Kundufurmah by Thursday, he would take all of the punishments that would have been taken by Kundufurmah, because he guaranteed to serve as surety for him.”The court’s decision resulted from a writ of contempt issued by Judge Jomah S. Jallah, after Gibson had refused on numerous occasions to bring Kundufurmah to court as he had promised.The court authorized its sheriff to proceed to the premises of defendant Gibson, to ensure he appears before it on Thursday, June 14, “to show cause why he should not be held in contempt for failing to produce  defendant Kundufurmah predicated upon a notice of assignment served and returned out of this court.”Before the court action, Cllr. Gibson on June 11 wrote the court informing it about his decision to discontinue his representation of defendant Kundufurmah.In that letter, he informed Judge Jallah that his resignation from the case stemmed from numerous calls he had made to the defendant, which he claimed Kundufurmah had refused to answer or return same.“I am not aware of the location or whereabouts of defendant Kundufurmah; hence, I cannot provide legal representation for a defendant who has elected not to avail himself to his legal counsel,” Gibson said in his letter.Kundufurmah, Mrs. Urey’s driver, was involved in an accident with a White Lexus Jeep valued at US$18,000 and that he severely damaged.The vehicle in question reportedly belongs to one Success Tewobola, a businessman.The accident, police investigative report indicates, occurred on October 9, 2017, along the Tubman Boulevard, opposite the ERA Supermarket in Sinkor.The case grew out of a police second investigative report on May 9, 2018, charging Kundufurmah with multiple traffic-related offenses that included misused of a lane, reckless driving, improper left turn and failure to yield to the right of way, resulting into the damage of the white Lexus Jeep.Following the release of the first police report, Mrs. Urey rejected the findings and subsequently asked for another investigative report, which was done but again held her driver Kundufurmah responsible for the accident.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more