Modern Warfare Season 3 maps: What to expect from Backlot, Sawmill, Incursion in Call of Duty

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first_imgNot all Season 3 maps will be available right away — Activision released three on Wednesday and will drop others at a later date.MORE: ‘Valorant’ is taking the gaming world by stormSeason 3 will build on a busy Season 2 that coincided with the debut of “Warzone” and release of “Modern Warfare 2: Campaign Remastered.”Here’s is insight into the newly accessible maps for the latest season:Talisk BacklotHere’s a remake of a “Call of Duty 4” map with more vertical levels and different elements than many of the existent “Modern Warfare” offerings. It’s historically received mixed reviews, with some appreciating the nostalgic feel of that era of the game and others considering it one of the more bland old maps.Hovec SawmillSawmill is a fresh addition based on the premise of a sawmill building engulfed in flames. Many believed this to be a remake of Village from “Modern Warfare 3” based on prior leaks, but it’s instead just a loose extension of the Village concept.There is a sizable outdoor marketplace area with close- to medium-quarter lanes ideal for run-and-gun playstyles. It’s wide open with seemingly few areas of safety or comfort.Oh, and the aesthetics are gorgeous.Aniyah IncursionIncursion is anchored by a huge central building with courtyards and smaller buildings/lanes scattered around it. The map is shaped like an arrow rather than having a typical rectangular build.It’s pretty large, and a number of vertical levels add to its spacious appearance. HardhatInstead of igniting buzz with Highrise, Favela or Afghan from MW2, Activision is instead going with a remastered edition of Hardhat later on in Season 3 (it’s not yet available).Is Hardhat solid? Yes. Is it a callback to a disappointing installment of the franchise? Also yes. Maybe we’re being too grumpy here considering Hardhat did have a fun, rather unique build. But there were other options that would have been more inspiring.Of the four announced multiplayer maps for Season 3, Hardhat will probably play the smallest. Season 3 of “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” is now underway, meaning new maps, weapons and game modes.Players will be greeted with familiar digs, as several maps from previous editions of the franchise are being brought back.last_img read more