Benzema: Real Madrid loses the author of 32% of his goals

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first_imgThere is no good time for an injury because there is no setback that is not inappropriate, but Benzema’s loss (32 years) is especially painful now for Real Madrid. Zidane’s team loses to the Super Cup, where Valencia and, at best, Barça or Atleti await, to the author of 16 goals. Or what is the same, his pichichi, responsible for 32% of his 50 goals so far this season. His engine grabbed in Getafe, where he arrived as the Madrid player with the most minutes of the squad (2,029, 90.17%) … 9 By surprise, the club announced on Monday that Benzema stayed at home, bad prologue for what may happen in Arabia this week: “After the tests carried out today our player Karim Benzema by the Medical Services of Real Madrid has been diagnosed with a bruised semimembranous muscle injury in his left leg. Pending evolution. “Zizou (Jovic, who has more prominence, Rodrygo, Vinicius, who knows if even Mariano) is missing, but none of the reliability offered by his compatriot. Benzema, the pichichi and the can opener of MadridNobody follows the rhythm, nor does it approach, the most decisive Benzema, who is the one who left Cristiano’s march in 2018. After the 16 goals of Karim in this 2019-20 appear the 6 of Rodrygo and then, the 5 of Ramos, a defense. The distance, abysmal, highlights the ‘9’ most all-time player in the world, who has achieved almost a third of Madrid’s goals since the summer. The data allows us to talk about Benzemade dependence. Also the leadership of Karim, who has opened the can in seven games, more than any of his teammates, and has opened the Madrid scoreboard in nine. All that can be missed by Zizou in the most critical scenario to date, with the first title in play and the worst rivals in front.last_img read more